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Among the general administrative tasks we understand, for example, the maintenance of data and support in case of problems. No matter what quantities, no matter which systems or databases, you send us the data, we take care of it.

Updating and maintaining

Rarely you can concentrate on everything at the same time. Often software such as content management systems, server software, operating systems and other, sometimes highly security-related software will be forgotten. From time to time, security holes are revealed that are only too well exploited by bad guys to grab important data, spy on users and do other mischiefs. We take care to ensure that your environment stays up to date.




Further information

Updates of complex software are usually associated with much effort and are therefore often neglected. Subsequent, sequential updates are often associated with much effort and tinkering – we take that from you. With over 300 daily updated sources, we are always up-to-date on current software and can warn and protect you from an approaching disaster.

Once a system is in its proper, up-to-date state, we’ll make sure it stays that way. We inform and update upon the release of new software versions and clarify the changes and implications. Every change is simulated in advance to enable a smooth operation of your productive systems.